Welcome to PHOTOX 


for web or prints

For website or prints, your products or services need the best image.




facades & interiors

Interiors and exteriors can be captured in various and surprising ways.




personal album

Your personal album is a valuable memory and its value will increase over time, adding more wonderful emotions

What does PHOTOX do for you ?

- product photography, for web applications or for printing; for big size or heavy products I can set a mobile studio setup in the location, if some technical requests can be met for the specific project.


- commercial photography for real estate (interior and exterior, facades, details, panoramic) and automobile market, including aerial photography (with a drone).


- high-resolution photography (40 – 80 Mpx) for large prints up to 2,5 – 3 meters, needed when the viewer may be as close as the diagonal size of the image (approx 10’000 pixel, non-interpolated, on the larger dimension of the image).


- personal album photography (private life and events, portrait, fashion, artistic nude photography)


In Photox you have a trustworthy partner for your photographic project.

I am dedicated to providing the highest quality images for you !

Quality comes from experience and I am committed to continuously improve my skills and technique.

From studio photography or in the location set up to event photography, I will provide comprehensive and individualized support to meet all of your photographic needs.