Personal Projects

The environment that surrounds us showcases, while we have our eyes open, a variety of images, on every day of our life. We might ignore some of them, we like some of them or some we don't, we are impressed or not, we keep some of them in our memory, few of them are changing our thoughts or just our mood, or maybe they can inspire us, or might have other various effects on our mind.

There are things out there that many of us are viewing simultaneously, but on each of us, there is a different mix of effects. Thus, the representation in each mind of that thing is different, even though we’ve seen the same unique thing.

Photography is the language I use to try to express my own perspective, which is naturally not the same with others.

The photographs in my personal projects are not meant to reproduce like a documentary the objective reality, because they are my own visions.

Realistic or fanciful, sometimes even surrealistic, the vision in my photographs should not make you accept it or reject it, to like it or not, but it should spark a thought into your mind and maybe even generate a new vision in you.

Contact info :

Horia C. IANCU

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Phone:       +31 682 827 889

WhatsApp: +31 682 827 889


Special offer :

The works displayed in the website galleries can be ordered in different sizes on canvas, with or without a frame. Prices are subject to be set for your specific request only via email.