Beyond our eyes are our visions.

Images based on the supreme attributes of the humans: abstract thinking and the symbolic meaning of abstract representations.

"Post Industrial Theater" Project

The human body image is, according to anthropologists, one important piece on the foundation of the mental content of term “beautiful” as a basic benchmark in our sub-conscience, and the woman body image is the superlative of this significance. This idea was driving my work on this project. The excessive commercial use of this feature of our brain leads to an unprecedented abuse of the high visual impact of the female body on the viewers for the simple reason of the higher profit achieved. But the advertising industry is not the worst example of this abuse; the deviation which was made in our culture by the association of a naked human body with sexuality is even worse, is toxic. Throughout the history of all form of art, the woman body was the basic symbol of beauty, but in the industrial era of modern times this symbol was denaturated. The post-industrial times should make justice and return this symbol to its origin. All the images created by the artists of all kind of visual arts using the representation of the human body should say NO to sexuality and YES to the return of the true significance of the human body image : the definition of beauty in our universal set of estethical values.